Where’s Sumba?

Recently one of my friends asked me about Sumba. She had a plan of visiting The Land of Kabihu this march 2019, but she told me that she’s going to cancel the plan due to a recent news that she watch. Below is the link that made her change her mind.

When i saw the video, the thing that pop up in my mind was there are still lots of people who misunderstand between “Sumbawa” and “Sumba”. On the left is the map between to different island and province.

As you can see “Sumbawa” is miles away from “Sumba”. Also many said that, “Sumbawa” and “Sumba” both are identical with horses, but have different cultural traditions. So now you now the difference between “Sumba” and “Sumbawa”. Don’t forget to check our other posts if you want to know How to Go to Sumba 

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