The Wulla Poddu ritual in West Sumba

Wula Poddu –

Wulla means moon and poddu means bitter. Called bitter because throughout this month all residents must rely on a number of things. Many rituals were held during Wulla Poddu. Some aim to ask for blessings and a means of giving thanks. There is also a story about the origins of the ancestors and the process of making and birth of the first human.

Wulla Poddu is also a hunting period for wild boar, where the first wild boar caught is usually used as an indicator of yield. Male pigs, for example, are considered a sign of good harvest, while if the pig bites someone it means there will be a rat pest.

In this month also the young men who have been puberty underwent the process of circumcision and for several days were exiled to the wild to live independently as a sign of maturity. The highlight of Wulla Poddu’s celebration is always a place to go home to, a kind of Eid homecoming or cancellation that is always awaited and welcomed.

There are several locations for the implementation of the Wulla Poddu ritual in West Sumba including:

  • Loli District: Tambera Village, Bodo Maroto Village, Tarung Village every October – November
  • Wanokaka District: Kadoku Village
  • Lamboya District: Sodana Village every October
  • Tana Righu District: Ombarade Village every December

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