Praiyawang Village –

Located in the Village Rindi, District Rindi , about 69 Km from Kota Waingapu. The ambiance of past civilization thick felt when entering the village . Surrounded by a stone fence , village Praiyawang provide an abundance of charm . Starting from home architect sumba with a high tower, rows of megalithic tombs of the nobles with carved symbols and meaning , and social life of the people who still adhere to customs contained in this village .

Activity to do : take photos , see megalithic tombs , watch traditional dances and the process of weaving the rope .

Accommodation : no accommodation around the object, guests usually stay in hotels located in the city Waingapu ( see the info Hotels and Rates in town Waingapu below )

Culinary : N/A

Shopping : not available a special place to shop , but usually the people around will offer the weaving on tourists

Transportation : public transportation ( bus )

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