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Located approximately 120km to the east of downtown Waingapu, this village is identical with the kombu hinggi masterpiece that famous weaving through the country. Using materials and natural dyes, quality fabrics Kaliuda no doubt .. Sumba philosophy of life is clearly implied in various shades which represented the picture Horses, Chicken, Shrimp, birds which have their meanings – each of which is a characteristic motif of this village. As a form of ancestral cultural heritage preservation, rural communities Kaliuda makes ikat longest named ‘ Dendi ‘ duangu ‘ along with the 104 meters and recorded in the museum world record in December 2012 Indonesia ago.

Activity to do : take photos , see house architect sumba and woven fabric manufacturing process

Accommodation : no accommodation around the object , the location of the nearest inn Watulibung resort or guests usually stay in hotels located in the city Waingapu . ( See the info Hotels and Rates in town Waingapu below )

Culinary : There are several food stalls within approximately 5 miles outside the object

Shopping : people usually offer ikat weaving on visitors. There is a gallery in Bali around on international airport which sells high artwork Sumba.

Transportation : public transportation ( bus )

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