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This object is located in the village of Kuta District of Kanatang ± 2 hour walk from Mananga Mihi. Pests Parengu a former village that has been abandoned by its inhabitants. The first village is inhabited by 12 clans led by Marga Ana Maeri. The village is surrounded by a stone wall so that the village is also known as the castle Hamaparengu. This kampong you can see megalithic tombstones, cannons, and a giant cauldron. And in the year – in particular, in this village is still carried out rituals or ceremonies ( Mangejing ) . Distance from the pier to the object : 20 km. Activities that can be done : photos and enjoy the sunrise and sunset in the expanse of the plains, on horseback.

Accommodation : no accommodation around the object , guests usually stay in hotels located on the beach knot Kambera namely : Pondok Wisata Pantai Cemara – Puru Kambera – Mondu Village District of Haharu.

CulinaryEL-SuBa resto (at Pondok Wisata Pantai Cemara).

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