Pasola Fest at Lamboya and Wanokaka

pasola lamboya –

The traditional war ritual between two brave horsemen, facing each other, chasing while throwing a wooden javelin at the opponent. Even though the government now requires the javelin to be dulled, Pasola is still a dangerous ritual, not infrequently someone is injured or even dies.

According to local belief, the disaster happened because the victim’s soul had not been purified or there was a violation he had committed. Spilled blood is considered as an offering to the earth god so that the soil becomes fertile and protected from pests.

Pasola celebrations, especially in Wanokaka, are always preceded by the Madidi Nyale (Nyale summoning) ritual, a type of sea worm that only appears once a year. The native people of Sumba believe that the large number of nyale that appears during the ceremony is a sign that the harvest will be abundant. while if only a little nyalenyalah reverse will happen. The Pasola attraction itself is rooted in a triangular love legend that almost caused war between villages.

There are several locations for implementing Pasola in West Sumba including:

  • Hobba Kalla in Lamboya every February
  • Kamaradena in Wanokaka District every March
  • Gaura in West Lamboya every March

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