Pasola Procession at Southwest Sumba

Pasola Procession at Southwest Sumba
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Pasola is one of the cultural attractions throwing wood at each other from the horse. This attraction is performed by men who have proven their courage and agility to throw wood from the horse which is driven by two opposing camps in a wide arena.

In the Marapu traditional understanding, Pasola is not just a spectacle but a traditional ritual which is believed that animal blood or human blood gushing in the Pasola arena is a sign of abundant fertility and harvest which is a blessing from the Supreme God, so that if there are Pasola participants who are injured or die the world in the arena, people consider it a punishment for violating customary norms that have been mutually agreed upon and not given legal sanctions for those who do it.

What is also interesting about this Pasola attraction is the traditional rituals performed several weeks earlier to determine the date of the Pasola implementation.

Traditional ceremonies carried out include Kawoking customary ceremonies or ceremonies welcoming ‘Nyale’ or designation for one type of sea worm (including family eunicid) which often appears on shallow sea beaches in February or March each year and is believed to be the appearance of Nyale in large quantities will make an abundant harvest.

The Pasola cultural tourism attraction event in Southwest Sumba district is held in February and March every year.